CME Publications 

CME Publications

A CME Reference Compendium

Several CME publications address breaking news, emerging policies and research within the CME enterprise, and Global counts itself as a major contributor in this area. As a leader in the CME / CE industry, Global regularly devotes a portion of our annual budget and resources to the research and development CME publications.

In addition to our development and publication of The Global Guide Volume IV, Stephen Lewis, General Manager, is a regular guest contributor for Meetings Net (formerly Medical Meetings Magazine). Additionally, various staff members have appeared in multiple cover stories in the magazine.

The Global Guide IV: A CME Reference Compendium

The global-guideThe Global Guide features more than 165 pages of compliance documents and up-to-date CME information, including:

  • Updated with new Sunshine Act Information
  • The latest ACCME accreditation criteria and standards
  • New ethical codes and standards for ensuring the independence of CME
  • Content validation value statements
  • Maintenance of Certification and Licensure FAQs
  • AMA PRA Booklet and CME “Get the Facts" Campaign

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CME Crossroads: A Survey of Continuing Medical Education Analysis, Criticism, Research and Policy Proposals

The CME Crossroads white paper analyzed CME criticism, research and policy proposals between 2005 and 2010. Peer-reviewed by CME stakeholders from the ACCME, AMA, professional societies, medical education companies, hospitals, academic centers and grant funding organizations, the white paper features more than 100 studies and documents and identifies four CME policy and scrutiny trends. After identifying these trends and providing information to clarify the analysis of CME, the paper concludes with several recommendations to positively shape future debate and CME analysis.

Additional Contributions to CME Publications

No Nonsense: Your Guide to Managing Hard-to-Handle Faculty

Amanda Glazar, PHD, CCMEP, Director of Adult Learning and Outcomes and Allison Kickel, CCMEP, Global"s former Director of Education Partnerships are featured in this cover story from July 2011. Amanda and Allison each have years of experience working in CME / CE, and in this article they share their knowledge and expertise for handling any faculty issues while planning and managing a CME / CE event.

Does CME Work? The Learners" Perspective

Global"s Physician CME / CE value research is featured in this article from March 2013. Over 1,400 physicians and other healthcare professionals responded to qualitative and quantitative questions that aimed to answer the questions: “Does CME actually work?" and, “What value do physicians place on CME / CE accredited activities versus other forms of medical education?"

A CME Love Story

Stephen Lewis, General Manager and Brandy Lewis, Vice President are featured in this cover story from December 2008. A love for CME brought Brandy and Stephen together and they discussed the nuances and challenges, as well as the benefits, of managing their professional and personal lives as a married couple working at the same company.

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