Advanced Outcomes Metrics

Global offers two advanced outcomes metric services, Inferential Outcomes and Physician OnSight, that provide unique and impactful ways to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of our educational activities. 

CME outcomes measurement doesn't need to be costly to be effective. 

We work with partners to identify clear objectives and tailor a measurement approach to each and every program goal and budget.

Inferential Outcomes

Global worked in collaboration with academic centers to develop and validate an educational outcomes measurement design and reporting system that captures and effectively communicates change stemming from educational interventions. The reporting system associates learning with change by showing the extent to which objectives are accomplished and educational interventions cause lasting improvement in healthcare practitioner competence and practice of medicine.

Global Inferential Outcomes Encompasses the Following


  • Staff CMO, biostatistician, and expert AMWA medical writers
  • Demonstrated success in Performance and Quality Improvement Initiative(s)
  • Managing design, analysis & reporting

Grant Support

  • Outcomes from the onset
  • Tailored language matching design and approach
  • No risk guarantee


  • Methodology designed for significant results
  • Pre/Post-tests, follow-up surveys, control group
  • Reaching Moore"s Levels 5 & 6


  • Cost-effective
  • Timely delivery of results
  • Presentation of results to all stakeholders

Physician OnSight

Physician OnSight provides a second method for demonstrating the impact of CME activities on quality and practice improvement. Physician OnSight allows us to capture faculty and CME attendee video responses to a series of tailored questions and develop a professionally produced 60-90 second highlight video that pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers can utilize and share with their internal stakeholders. 

Through this video briefing, physicians are able to directly share their educational experience, including:

  • Where they will make immediate quality/practice improvements
  • What new knowledge/practices they obtained from the specific CME activity
  • What are the barriers to improved treatment and areas for continued educational needs.



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