Industry Research and In-Depth Analysis

Global conducts in-depth research and analysis that uncover CME industry insights and trends, including our CME Value Series, Funder Insights Report and Analysis, ACCME Annual Report Analysis, and the Grant Approval and Profitability Scale.

Each year, we devote a portion of our budget to conduct CME research on learners, funding sources, and outcomes. From patient and funder surveys to physician feedback on CME value and utilization, we analyze the data and compile it into valuable reports that we share with our partners to help expand reach and impact. 

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CME Value Research

For many years now, Global has surveyed physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in a variety of clinical practice areas to gain insight into their perceived value of CME, how often they incorporate information from CME into practice, preferences related to education, barriers to practice, and other critical data points that advance our educational and funding objectives.

CME Value Survey 2020


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CME Value Survey 2021: COVID 19 Edition

In 2021, Global conducted a similar survey that included questions surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic to understand what type of CME has been favorable during the pandemic, how HCPs feel about attending live, in-person meetings, and the vaccine status of this learner population.

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ACCME Annual Reports

Each year, Global analyzes the ACCME Annual Report and provides additional context and a deeper dive into the data, providing our own unique analysis and interpretation of the numbers. 

2019 ACCME Annual Report:

The 2019 ACCME Annual Report data, released on July 31, 2020 shows growth in  physician participants at activities, while non-physician participant was down almost 4% from 2018. Total CME income increased by 4% from 2018 numbers. Publishing/Education companies secured nearly 60% of the total CME income in 2019.

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Grant Approval and Profitability Scale

With a managed network of clinicians, scientists and specialists, Global collects advanced intelligence on CME funding sources and opportunities from both commercial and non-commercial sources. 

The Grant Approval and Profitability Scale was developed as a resource for our education partners, as there continues to be a growing need for developing high-quality CME in the face of decreasing commercial supporter budgets. The first version of the scale, developed in 2014, identified 37 successfully funded live and enduring CME activities, and analyzed the top 10-12 budget line items for average costs.  

After realizing the benefit the scale provided to us and our education partners, we decided to dig deeper and analyze a broader range of program format types and budget line items in the 2016 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale. We also calculated the total cost per learner at grant funded CME activities as well as the management fees as a percentage of the total program budget.

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Industry Insights

Each month Global offers our proprietary Industry Insights Report which highlights some of the previous month's news respective to regulatory and pharmaceutical intelligence, including landmark drug approvals and "hot off the press" FDA updates.


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