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The Grant Approval and Profitability Scale

By John McCormick - February 19, 2019

With a managed network of clinicians, scientists and specialists, Global collects advanced intelligence on CME funding sources and opportunities from both commercial and non-commercial sources. 

The Grant Approval and Profitability Scale was developed as a resource for our education partners, as there continues to be a growing need for developing high-quality CME in the face of decreasing commercial supporter budgets. The first version of the scale, developed in 2014, identified 37 successfully funded live and enduring CME activities, and analyzed the top 10-12 budget line items for high, low, and average costs.

Global released an updated version of the scale in 2016 and decided to dig a little deeper into the data. The 2016 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale analyzed a broader range of program format types and budget line items. Global also calculated the total cost per learner at grant funded CME activities as well as the management fees as a percentage of the total program budget.

The 2019 scale will be released soon and will include more robust format and activity types. Our goal is to help our education partners develop CME budgets that are more inline with commercial supporters expectations, thus allowing us to collaborate on more high-quality and impactful CME programs.

If you'd like to request more information about the 2016 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale, we encourage you to fill out a request form on our CME research page. You may also send us an email directly at