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2016 ACCME Annual Report

July 17, 2017

2016 ACCME Annual Report and Analysis

The 2016 ACCME Annual Report data released on July 12, 2017 shows growth in both physician and non-physician participants at activities, while total CME income increased by 2% from 2015 numbers. Three-year trend data shows that since 2014, the number of physician participants has increased by 10% while the number of non-physician participants at CME activities increased by 5%. Beginning in 2015, the category of Income from Other Sources was eliminated and replaced with three specific categories: Registration Fees, Government Grants, and Private Donations. Allocations from parent organizations or other internal departments are no longer included in income reporting. Providers are also no longer required to submit information regarding CME program expenses.

Request a PDF copy: If you would like to request a copy of Global's analysis of the 2016 ACCME Annual Report, please follow this link.

2016 Statistics

  • Total physician and non-physician learner interaction at CME activities increased by 5% from 2015 numbers.
  • Total commercial support contributions rose by 1.5% to an estimated $704 million.
  • Income from advertising and exhibits rose from $389 million in 2015 to $411 million in 2016, a 5 % increase.
  • Commercially supported activities averaged 299 learners per activity in 2016, while non-commercially supported activities averaged 157 learners per activity.
  • Of the total attendance at CME activities, 55% of attendees (15,164,072) were physicians and 45% (12,122,110) were non-physicians.
  • Publishing/Education companies secured approximately 52% ($366,929,994) of the total commercial support income earned by ACCME accredited providers in 2016

2016 Commercial Support Data

2016 Learner Interactions

3-Year Trend Data: Activity Participants

3-Year Trend Data: Commercial Support and Advertising Income

3-Year Trend Data: Total Income