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Update: Global CME Research Projects

December 21, 2016

Global is proud of our dedicated research team that explore gaps and unmet needs for CME stakeholders, including funding organizations, medical education providers, healthcare organizations, and patients. Our research and analysis collects valuable data and provides our insight and analysis on topics such as HCP and funder perspectives on CME, accreditation board annual reports, and funding trends at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We are pleased to announced that two research projects were recently completed, and we are now ready to share the results with the CME/CE community: The fourth phase of Global's CME value research, and the 2015-2016 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale.
  • CME Value Survey Phase IV: Global’s CME Value Survey launched in 2012 and over the past few years has produced notable results in varying areas of healthcare provider’s perspectives on the value of CME. The fourth phase of the survey focuses on preference and effectiveness of CME/CE activity formats, CME’s importance in practice behaviors and patient care, influence of CME on value-based care incorporation into practice and barriers to care of patients.


    Follow this link to our research page schedule a presentation to learn more about the results and our analysis
  • 2015-2016 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale: The Grant Approval and Profitability Scale was developed in 2014 to provide a detailed analysis of grant budget benchmarks for live and enduring activities that took place within the past year to determine the low, high, and average costs of over 10 key budget line items in approved grant submissions. In doing so we are able to deliver valuable insights and analysis to our education partners that help improve the overall success rate of their grant submissions.

This year, Global expanded its analysis of approved grant budgets by breaking down the live and enduring format types that we analyzed. The updated scale breaks down budgets at live satellites, conferences, live series meetings, and hospital grand rounds, as well as enduring web activities, web series, printed materials, and spinoffs from live satellite events. Additionally, we’ve calculated the management fees as a percentage of the total approved budget, as well as the total cost per learner across all of the analyzed activities.


Request a presentation of the 2015-2016 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale

To learn more about all of Global's research projects, follow this link to our research page. If you have any questions please contact us here.