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Team Building at Agnes of Glass Gallery

June 15, 2016

Last month Global participated in a team building workshop at Agnes of Glass Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Agnes of Glass is a specialty glass shop that offers a variety of hands-on, instructor led classes and workshops that teach you how to manipulate and work with glass. Each course offers a variety of different glass designs to choose from. The options for our workshop were a wine glass, a vase, a glass orb, and up to 4 different colors to create our own unique piece of glass art. After we each picked out a design and colors to work with, we were led through the process of glass blowing step-by-step by the instructors at Agnes of Glass. The process started with the glass blower grabbing and shaping molten glass on the end of a pipe. Color was added during this step as the glass blower transferred the molten glass back and forth between the oven and shards of colored glass until the glass shards blended into the molten glass. The final step was shaping and blowing the glass, which required teamwork and coordination among the Global team. Global worked in groups of three to shape and work the glass into the final piece of art. Each Global staff member took their glass art to the glass blowing bench where they rolled the pipe across the bench to continue shaping it. The second staff member blocked the heat that radiated off the glass with a paddle, while the third blew into the end of pipe to expand the glass. During this step the glass was constantly in motion and transferred back and forth between the oven and the shaping bench. The molten glass reached temperatures of over 2000°F, even as we were completing the final steps of the process. At 2000°F, you could feel the heat radiating off the glass as you shaped and manipulated it. Without teamwork and coordination among the group, it would have been much more challenging to shape and manipulate the glass into our finished pieces of art. Check out pictures below of Global blowing their glass art work at Agnes of Glass studio! Teambuilding at Agnes [caption id="attachment_4127" align="aligncenter" width="940"]The finished pieces of glass artwork from Agnes of Glass The finished pieces of glass artwork from Agnes of Glass[/caption]