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Global Staff Members Take on New Leadership Roles

October 06, 2015

New Leadership Roles for Three Global Staff Members

Global Education Group is excited to announce the advancement of three of its tenured staff members to new leadership roles. Global would like to congratulate the following staff members on their new roles: Amanda Glazar, Vice President, Education; Amanda Jamrogiewicz, Vice President, Strategy; and John McCormick, Manager, Education Strategy. [sep]

Amanda Glazar, Vice President Education Amanda Glazar: Vice President, Education. Amanda has been a key member of the Global staff for over six years, overseeing critical areas for Global including the outcomes, clinical, and research departments. In Amanda’s new role as Vice President, Education, she will lead the program management and clinical team to ensure seamless process and accreditation board compliance, while continuing to oversee Global’s award winning outcomes and research projects.


Amanda Jamrogiewicz, Vice President, StrategyAmanda Jamrogiewicz: Vice President, Strategy. Amanda has served in various roles within the organization during her three years with Global, including overseeing the program management team as Director, Program Management, and in her most recent role of leading education partnership development efforts for Global as Director, Education Partnerships. In her new role as Vice President, Strategy, Amanda will manage the Education Strategy team to build collaborative relationships and foster successful strategic partnerships with various stakeholders.


JMcCormickJohn McCormick: Manager, Education Strategy. John has primarily served as a Program Coordinator during his three year tenure at Global where he supported the programs and education partnership teams through grant submissions, sales and operations reporting, marketing, and various research projects and initiatives. In his new role as Manager, Education Strategy, John will support the education partnership team on strategic research projects and initiatives, manage the reconciliation and outcomes reporting process, and continue to manage marketing and sales operations for Global.

[sep] Please join us in congratulating Amanda Glazar, Amanda Jamrogiewicz, and John McCormick on their new leadership roles at Global. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to Contact us here.