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Global Releases New CME Research and Analysis for Partners

October 23, 2014

New Research and Analysis for Partners

Global is proud to have a dedicated research team to explore the gaps and needs of various stakeholders, funding organizations, medical education providers, healthcare teams, and patients. Over the past few years, Global has devoted a portion of its annual budget to conduct CME research covering areas and topics such as physician and funder perspectives of CME, accreditation board annual reports, and insights into funding trends at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We are excited to announce two new areas of CME research and analysis- The 2013 and 2014 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale, and the Quality IME Grants Survey.

2013-2014 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale

Detailed analysis of grant budget benchmarks for live and enduring activities that took place within the past year to determine the low, high, and average costs of over 10 key budget line items in approved grant submissions. In doing so we are able to deliver valuable insights and analysis to our education partners that help improve the overall success rate of their grant submissions.

Quality IME Grants Survey

An in-depth survey of individuals within 24 different funding organizations which provided Global and our partners with a better understanding of how funders evaluate and select high quality grant proposals. The survey focused on a number of key items, including: o Number and dollar amount of approved grants o Percentage of grants approved o Data on multi-funded grants o Overall level of involvement in the grant approval process o Value of grant components and outcomes measures To learn more or to schedule a presentation on the research and analysis conducted in either the Grant Approval and Profitability Scale or the Quality IME Grants survey, please contact Amanda Glazar, Sr. Director, Education Strategy. Amanda can be reached here by email , or by phone at 303-395-1782 X 73.