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Global Research Phase III: CME Value Industry Perspectives

August 13, 2014

Global is proud to have a dedicated research team to explore the gaps and needs of various stakeholders, including funding organizations, medical education providers, healthcare teams and patients. Although all stakeholders have differing needs and opinions, it is by better understanding all of these perspectives that we can best work together to advance the collective outcomes of medical education. Over the past few years, Global has engaged in several initiatives to facilitate a better understanding including the following two recent studies: • CME Value: A Healthcare Providers Perspective: These results were collected from 1,400 healthcare providers and focused on evaluating their opinions on the value of continuing education, including learning preferences and obstacles to participation in live and enduring activities. • CME Value: Industry Perspectives: Evaluating the perspectives of over 180 professionals in the sales, marketing , product management, medical affairs or medical liaison departments of 30 different pharmaceutical and device companies, this survey collected data on the value of continuing education to their organizations and the healthcare providers and patients they serve. If you are interested in learning more about the results of this CME Value research and analysis conducted by Global, please contact Amanda Glazar, Director, Adult Learning & Outcomes to schedule a presentation. Amanda can be reached here by email, or by phone at 303-395-1782 X 73.