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Iron Chef Competition

June 27, 2013

Each team of five Global staff members prepared an appetizer or desert, as well as an entrée. Choosing from either shrimp or pork tenderloin as the staple of the entrée, each team then had to include a starch with their meal, as well as the secret ingredient, ginger. As we hope you can imagine, the results were delicious! The Teams: The Dirty Juicers (Stephen Lewis, Amanda Glazar, Amanda Hodges, John McCormick, and Lisa Brady) prepared the following: IMG_9694
  • Appetizer: Kale and ginger stuffed mushrooms topped with a ginger-hoisin glaze
  • Entrée: Soba noodle sir-fry with kale, ginger-garlic marinated shrimp, roasted corn, red peppers, and onion, tossed in a ginger-garlic sauce
IMG_9692 Got Wine? (Brandy Lewis, Allison Kickel, Andrea Funk, Melissa Rucks and Global’s external Compliance Officer, Annika Gill) prepared the following: IMG_9695
  • Entrée: Pork medallions topped with ginger chimichurri, quinoa salad with a cilantro, ginger, jalapeno infused yogurt sauce, served with a pineapple elderflower mojito
  • Dessert: Pineapple-ginger ice cream
IMG_9693 The Results: Got Wine? started off the scoring with 1 point for overall teamwork, while The Dirty Juicers scored 1 point for plate presentation. The Dirty Juicers took the next point for best overall use of ginger as the secret ingredient. The deciding 2 points went to Got Wine? as their Pork Medallions beat out The Dirty Juicers’ Soba Noodle Stir-Fry for best overall taste. The competition ended with a final score of 3-2 in favor of Got Wine?.   IMG_9690 IMG_9689 IMG_9688 IMG_9686 IMG_9687 The overall experience of the competition was a great success! The Dirty Juicers and Got Wine? both learned new ways to prepare and present food and incorporate unique ingredients into their dishes, which is what being an Iron Chef is all about!