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Clarifying the Sunshine Act Confusion

June 27, 2013

The recently passed Physician Payment Sunshine Act created a lot of confusion for CME stakeholders, including accredited providers, medical education companies, and funding organizations. In April of this year, Global released a blog clarifying what payments are now reportable, as well as suggestions for reporting meals and listing faculty in grant requests. However, we recently learned that there is still a great deal of confusion among funding organizations, and some organizations are even interpreting the Sunshine Act as negative for CME In light of these recent developments, Global is proactively working to clarify these issues and to educate funders and our partners in a variety of ways. Global, along with the CME Coalition, recently put together a brief Sunshine Act Highlights Webinar and Q&A, which was presented to 21 funding organizations over the past two weeks. We also finalized a date to present this webinar to you, our educational partner. This live, 30 minute webinar will be presented by Andy Rosenberg, Senior Advisor to the CME Coalition. The webinar will cover the implementation timeline and highlights of the Act, as well as differences in treatment for promotional, non-promotional, and accredited CME/CE programs. If you have any questions at all regarding the Sunshine Act, we encourage you to participate. Details are as follows: Sunshine Act Highlights Webinar and Q&A   The webinar will be recorded, and we will distribute a link to the recording shortly after the presentation is finished. In addition, Global and the CME Coalition are working on additional ideas to highlight the facts and myths regarding the Sunshine Act. We will release more details on this campaign as we move forward with the project. In the meantime, we encourage our partners to refer to the legal memorandum developed by the CME Coalition with financial support from Global and other education providers. If you have any questions or concerns related to the Sunshine Act and the memorandum issued, please feel free to contact us at any time.