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Global Spotlight: Amanda Glazar and Maddie

October 09, 2013

Amanda Glazar, Director, Adult Learning & Outcomes

Global’s Meet the Global Team monthly spotlight for October is Amanda Glazar, Global’s Director of Adult Learning & Outcomes, and her Australian Shepherd, Maddie. Amanda and Maddie train for and compete in local dog agility competitions throughout the state of Colorado. Over the past three years Amanda and Maddie have competed at a number of different venues at varying clubs, including the Dogs on Course in North America (DOCNA) and The American Kennel Club (AKC). Their last competition was the DOCNA Regional Championships in Golden, CO, where Maddie finished 1st and was awarded the Intern Standard Regional Champion

Working with dogs has always been a passion of Amanda’s. She grew up showing Shetland Sheepdogs at the age of 10. Now that she competes in dog agility competitions with Maddie, what Amanda truly finds special about working with dogs is the ability to communicate with an animal to achieve a common goal. Of course, one of the challenges of working with Maddie is that she is a smart, independent dog who can be a bit stubborn at times. However when Amanda can get Maddie on track and break through the distractions with her, it makes their achievements together all the more satisfying. Curious to see what a dog agility competition looks like? Take a look below to see pictures and videos of Amanda and Maddie in action!   Maddie5 ASCA Trial 2_2012 DSC_5578a Maddie Action Shot