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Upcoming Global CME Research and Publications

June 18, 2013

Global CME Research and Publications

Today we’re going to be talking about two areas of Global CME research and an upcoming reference guide: The Global Guide Volume III Each year, Global Education Group devotes a portion of our annual budget to conducting quarterly research and publications to help CME stakeholders stay on top of the latest development and trends. We compile the results and share them with our educational partners, funding organizations, and accreditation boards. All of our CME publications are available at no charge to any interested person or organization.

Physician CME Value Research

In April of 2013, Global obtained feedback from more than 1,400 physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals regarding CME value, how often they incorporate CME into their practice, and even where CME has helped them cut costs or address barriers. We are now filtering this data down to specific specialty areas, such as oncology, cardiology, and infectious disease. Our new analysis of this data will be available later this Summer.

ACCME Annual Report Data

The second area of research we are focusing on is analyzing 2012 ACCME annual report data. Between June and August each year, the ACCME usually produces its annual report data. By reviewing these data sets, Global is able to produce multi-year trends and projections as well as other interpretive data within about a week of the ACCME’s distribution of the annual report.

The Global Guide Volume III

Global is preparing to publish Volume III of the Global Guide. The Global Guide is a compilation of important CME guidelines, standards, regulations, codes of conduct, and studies. The guide is a printed reference guide, available free of charge. We will compile all submitted and accepted entries between June and August, and publish the third edition this fall. If you are interested in having something included in the Global Guide Volume III, please contact us as soon as possible. For Volume II, we had a request from the Council of Medical and Specialty Societies to include their new code of conduct, and we were able to review and include that information in Volume II. If you have any questions regarding any of these research reports or studies, or would like to submit a topic to The Global Guide Volume III, please feel free to contact us here at any time