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2013 Physician CME Value Research

March 27, 2013

Physician CME Value Research

Today we’re going to talk about CME Value and preferences from the physician and allied healthcare professional perspective. This is phase two of research that we’ve conducted for the past several years. In phase one we focused on feedback regarding overall value of CME. Now we are digging deeper into perceptions and the use of CME among those healthcare professionals. In phase two we obtained responses from more than 1,400 physicians and healthcare professionals surveyed in January of 2013. These responses addressed more than a dozen key questions, and in addition to robust quantitative responses, we also asked six qualitative questions that asked for open ended responses. For each of those six questions, we received over 300 written responses from physicians and other allied healthcare professionals. We’d like to highlight three key data points from phase two of our research.

Overall Value of CME

When asked the question, “What value do you place on the following sources of information, in terms of improving practice and patient outcomes?" respondents ranked CME higher than six other information sources, including MSL visits, sales rep visits, and even peer reviewed journal articles.

CME Improves Patient Care

97% of respondents stated affirmatively that CME/CE activities provide information that they actually use to improve patient care.

CME Reduces Cost of Medical Care

Nearly two-thirds of all respondents stated that CME has provided content that has allowed them to reduce cost in terms of medical care. If you are interested in additional details, or would like to be kept aware of future CME value research developed by Global’s Adult Learning Team and staff biostatistician, feel free to contact us here. In addition, some highlights of our research are being featured in an article entitled “Does CME Work? The Learners’ Perspective,” which is featured in this month’s MeetingsNet- Medical Meetings publication. You can read that article here.