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CME Value Survey

October 09, 2012

CME Value Survey

Today we are going to talk about physician perspectives about CME value and its importance in patient care. As you may know, Global devotes a portion of its annual budget to research on the CME enterprise. In 2012 we conducted surveys of funding organizations, as well as surveys of physicians and nurses and we also identified needs and gaps in multiple therapeutic areas. We are going to highlight a survey that Global did in partnership with several hospitals and Rutgers University this summer. The survey was sent out to 2,500 physicians and nurses and we received more than 900 responses. Fifty two percent of those responses were from Physicians and forty two percent were from nurses and nurse practitioners. When we asked for their level of agreement with the following statements, we learned that both physicians and nurses want and need more CME.

CME/CE Programs Impact Patient Care

When asked if Accredited CME/CE programs directly impact patient care, more than 88% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with that statement.

CME/CE Activities in my therapeutic area

83.9% either agreed or strongly agreed with the following statement: I would benefit by participating in more CME/CE accredited activities in my therapeutic area of practice.

Applying CME to patient care

Another question asked respondents to Rate the level of frequency that you apply information from accredited CME/CE to the treatment or management of your patients. Seventy four point eight percent, almost three quarters, said that they often or very often applied CME/CE information to patient treatment or management. We will be conducting additional surveys this fall to drill in to specific physician preferences and therapeutic areas. If you would like more information on these CME value surveys, or if you would like answers to any questions in the CME Enterprise, as always, feel free to contact us here