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CME Trend Data and the Global Guide

July 08, 2011

CME Trend Data

Today we are going to talk CME Trend Data, as well as a new CME reference resource, the Global Guide Volume 2. First, the CME Trend Data, and we want you to keep an eye out for the ACCME Annual Report data. Last year in mid-July the ACCME released annual report data for 2009, so we expect any day now that the ACCME will release data on 2010. As soon as the ACCME does release that data Global will provide a summary analysis that we are happy to send to you. As you may know the report annually provides information on the number of providers in each category, the number of activities and attendees and the amount of commercial support in other funding for CME.

The Global Guide Volume II

Secondly, after great success in distributing Volume 1 of the Global Guide, Volume 2 will be released within the next month. The Global Guide is a comprehensive reference manual that covers CME rules, policies, guidelines, definitions and other important resources. It is published every two years by Global and complimentary copies are available to anyone who asks. After distributing more than 2,000 copies of Volume 1 of the Global Guide, we received multiple submissions of new codes and policies for possible inclusion in Volume 2. We have a fairly strict editorial review process and our team had to make tough choices on the relevant reference documents that needed to be included in Volume 2. Overall, we added over a half dozen new entries to volume 2 and this new edition has more than 160 pages of codes, ACCME rules and regulations, as well as research documents. For a copy of the Global Analysis of the ACCME Annual Report Data, or if you would like to receive a complimentary copy of the Global Guide Volume 2, simply contact us here