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New CME Coalition Forming

January 20, 2011

Hi and welcome to the Global Education Group CME news video blog, where we address emerging hot topics in the CME enterprise and share them with you.

The CME Coalition

Today we are going to talk about the development of a new organization, The CME Coalition, that works to educate congress and deal with issues related to the media and other inquiries about the CME Enterprise. As you know from this blog, as well as the CME white paper that Global developed and recently distributed, CME has been the subject of a great deal of confusion over the last five years and so the folks putting together this new working group are aiming to clarify some of this confusion, and hopefully set the record straight for CME. The working name for the group is the CME Coalition. Stake holders initiating the development of this group know there are 2,000 trade associations in Washington DC, but not one of them speaks on behalf of the CME enterprise directly. This group is holding a meeting to discuss development of the CME coalition in conjunction with the Alliance CME meeting in San Francisco at the end of January. The meeting to discuss the CME Coalition will be held on Friday, January 28th.

Goals of the CME Coalition

There are three key goals that have been developed for the new CME Coalition. The first is to educate federal policy makers about the important role played by CME in the functioning of today’s health care system. The second is to articulate a compelling patrician case for the vital role that CME plays in the health care system of tomorrow. The third goal is to monitor for legislative regulatory and investigative threats to CME emanating from Washington D.C. and to develop effective responses to those threats. If you are interested in attending this meeting, feel free to contact us here at , or feel free to call me directly. For Global, I'm Stephen Lewis. Have a great day.