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New CME White Paper Released

October 11, 2010

CME Crossroads: CME White Paper Released

CME Crossroads- A Survey of Continuing Medical Education Analysis, Criticism, Research and Policy Proposals was published today. The paper was peer reviewed by more than 20 CME professionals representing all key stakeholders, including representatives of the ACCME, AMA, professional societies, medical education companies, hospitals, academic centers, and grant funding organizations. CME Crossroads is a survey of key CME articles, policy papers, consensus documents, and opinions between 2005 and 2010. During the past six months, the authors reviewed more than 100 studies and documents and were able to identify four “CME Policy and Scrutiny Trends” represented in the literature. After identifying these trends and providing information to clarify the analysis of CME, the paper concludes with several recommendations to positively shape future debate and CME analysis.

Reviews of CME Crossroads

“This whitepaper finally sets the record straight regarding CME criticism and policy proposals.” “Excellent commentary and analysis backed by excellent writing – a groundbreaking document to guide quality CME ahead!” Hard copies of the white paper will be distributed in Global booth #106 at the AMA Taskforce on Provider/Industry Collaboration held October 13-15, 2010 in Baltimore, MD. To obtain an electronic copy of the CME Crossraods white paper, contact us here