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American Medical Association Promotes CME Facts

April 19, 2010

AMA Promotes CME Facts

Good news about CME from the American Medical Association. After years of accusations without evidence and confusion among stakeholders about the difference between CME and promotional information, the AMA’s National Task Force on CME Provider/Industry Collaboration produced a “Get The Facts” campaign that sets the record straight with a toolkit and series of fact sheets. This is an excellent step in clarifying what CME is and what it is not.  The four AMA CME Fact Sheets address the following:
  1. CME: Providing Valid and Independent Evidence for Clinical Decisions
  2. Addressing Conflict of Interest through Disclosure and Resolution
  3. Commercial Support of CME and Compliance with Guidelines
  4. Appropriate Discussion of Off-Label Drug Use within CME
In its announcement of the Get The Facts campaign, the AMA plainly stated the perception problem we face in the CME enterprise “The media, state and federal law and policy makers as well as regulators and other ‘collective/consensus opinions’ frequently use and disseminate information that can lead to incorrect assumptions and false perceptions about CME. This has led to increased regulatory scrutiny and critical public opinion regarding CME practices.” Check out the AMA Fact Sheets here As always, feel free to contact Global with any questions you may have about this campaign or any other CME accreditation services or outcomes questions.